Standard “Raw” Comic Book Display Frames


Single, Standard, “Raw” Comic Book Display Frames

(Single Book Capacity)

008 Standard Raw Comic Book Display Frames

Custom Painted Comic Book Display Frames for “Raw” (unslabbed) Comic Books

122 Standard Raw Comic Book Display Frames

Raw/Unfinished EPS Comic Book Display Frame



♦ HEIGHT- 13-1/2 ”

♦ WIDTH- 10-1/2″

♦ Profile DEPTH- 1″

This Comic Book Display Frame is designed for “raw” or “un-slabbed” books.

The  dimensions for the area in which the book is seated are as follows:

♦ HEIGHT- 10-3/8″ 

♦ WIDTH- 7-3/8″

♦ DEPTH- 1/2″

It should go without saying that any “raw” book should be “bagged & boarded”.

These Comic Book Display Frames will accommodate bagged/boarded books up to 7-1/4″ wide.

(4 mil Mylar Bags are recommended.)

Custom Comic Display Frame Metallic Black Tangelo Orange Standard Raw Comic Book Display Frames

◊◊◊ YOUR choice of virtually ANY colors.


Base pricing: $7.95*

*Pricing is dependent upon quantity of items and location.

We will work with you to provide the most cost effective and expedient shipping possible.

All items are shipped securely 7-10 days after your order is received.

These Comic Book Display Frames are NOT kept in stock as they are

Hand Crafted & Custom painted to YOUR (the customer’s) color specifications.

Once your order is placed & payment received, you will be re-directed to a page that will allow you to choose your color combinations as well as input any other specifications.

Please include your order # when entering this information. -Thank You

Custom Comic Displays

$19.99 (USD)

Hand Crafted, Custom Painted, Lightweight, Acrylic coated PolyStyrene Comic Book Display Frames.

002 Copy 2 242x300 Standard Raw Comic Book Display Frames



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